Friday, September 10, 2010

Nail Struck On Head

Shuggy :

"What Pastor Jones was intending to do was gratuitously offensive - but what made it potentially insane was the disregard for its consequences. What I find utterly depressing about this whole affair is the extent to which these were taken as a given - a fact of the world to which we have to adjust. In case anyone is unclear about what this is, let me spell it out: the burning of the Koran would have had disastrous consequences because everyone with any sense understands that there are not only people who consider a book to be more more sacred than the lives of their fellow human beings but who are both willing and able to use murderous violence in order to see the incarnation of this belief.

It is the routinization of this - the acceptance of this as a banal fact of life - that I find so absolutely depressing. It shows itself in the comments made by even people who are resolutely opposed to any of the claims made by politicized millienarians. Martin writes, "In their fundamentalism and intolerance, Pastor Jones and the Islamists are mirror images of each other." No, I don't think so. The reason that there was such an intervention over this matter is that everyone understood that if this group of fanatics had burned the Koran, people would have died. But Pastor Jones did not threaten to kill anyone. In contrast, death threats had already been made - not just against Mr Jones, which is in itself insane - but against Americans in general. Because merely being one of the some 330 million citizens of this nation is enough for you to deserve death because of your association with the behaviour of fifty embittered religious eccentrics. "

Absolutely. When some Orthodox Jews burned New Testaments in Israel a couple of years back, as part of their campaign against evangelising by Messianic Jews (who accept Christ as the promised Messiah), then-President Ehud Olmert didn't beg them to desist Obama-style, on the grounds that it would lead to terrorist attacks on Israelis or Jews worldwide. No army chiefs condemned the burnings as putting troops at risk, as General Petraeus did. I didn't see national leaders all over Europe urging Israel to take action. I doubt that anyone from the Israeli Chiefs of Staff got on the phone to the burners.

Because no-one supposed that Christians worldwide would consider that the actions of a few Israeli book-burners was a justification for attacks on any Jew or any Israeli insitution. Had such attacks taken place (there were none AFAIK) they would have been condemned by all - not least by those so vehement against Pastor Jones. No one would have said 'what did they expect if they burn Bibles?'.

But everyone assumes that Muslims worldwide will consider that the actions of a few American book-burners is a justification for attacks on any Westerner or any Western insitution. This view's pretty much internalised by now. While no one would ever say so explicitly, in practice we expect a lower standard of behaviour by Muslims than we expect from Christians - and we adjust our own behaviour accordingly - which is why useful lefty idiots will be demonstrating against the Holy Father who would never dream of demonstrating against Yusuf al Quaradawi.

As Salman Rushdie put it :

"When people ask me how the West should adapt to Muslim sensitivities, I always say - the question is the wrong way round. The West should go on being itself. There is nothing wrong with the things that for hundreds of years have been acceptable - satire, irreverence, ridicule, even quite rude commentary - why the hell not? But you see it every day, this surrender".


JuliaM said...

And we'll go on and on and on seeing this surrender. Because it's giving factions and groups kudos in their 'community'.

Perhaps we should bring that little gravy-train to a halt first?

Furor Teutonicus said...

They are attacking us ANY WAY. No one had burned a koran before 11/09.

Didn't stop the bastards knocking over a few buildings though, did it?

Bring it on boys!

This will NEVER be solved by "talking", you may as well have tried to talk Hitler out of invading Russia.

So lets have the thunderstorm after the LOOONNNGGGG HOT summer afternoon. Lets NUKE the bastards and teach them a lesson.

Anonymous said...

I fear Furor T is a bit prophetic.

I honestly believe that we are heading for a massive conflict between the West and Islam. Indeed this will not be the first such conflict.

I reckon we are seeing the first few thousand deaths in that conflict in various terrorist atrocities.

This conflict will be essentially a civil war in parts of many Western countries followed by an almighty bloodletting as the West retaliates against extremist Islamic states and terrorist enclaves such as Iran and Gaza and Lebanon amd millions of Muslims are "persuaded" to move back to the Caliphate.

You just cannot live beside people who want to kill you, even if it is only a small percentage of that group who actually do the killing.

Durotrigan said...

The BBC coverage of this whole affair has been predictably lopsided. The fact is, you can never satisfy doctrinaire Muslims because they demand submission and this is what they'll keep pushing for. Any sign of weakness on our part simply emboldens them to push for more concessions. Publish some cartoons and they demand death; call a teddy bear Mohammed and they demand death; call Islam intolerant and they demand death. Death, death, death, death! This is Islam.

The Qur'an burning threat has unfortunately spawned a monster in the US in the form of a Facebook campaign called 'Wear a Hijab Day'. The organiser claims that this act of craven dhimmitude is an act of solidarity with Muslims following the Qur'an burning controversy. Apparently, 6,000 dhimmi women in the US have already signed up to wear the hijab:

Furor Teutonicus said...

Are these bin bags they wear flammable?

We could have a "burn the hijab day"....NO one said we had to take the dhimmi bastards out first.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Churchill: Musslemen, they are either at your feet, or at your throat.

I know which I prefer.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Salman Rushdie, what a shit.

Durotrigan said...

'Burn the Hijab Day.' Interesting concept Furor Teutonicus. Far preferable to burning bras.

Anonymous said...

Were still in the appeasement stage. It'll pass. It's reasonable in a way to avoid deaths by appeasing madmen. But there has to be a limit where it affects the lives of the indiginous masses directly and the mainsteam poiticians become irrelavant, obviously not 'ours'. Remember the propaganda in the old eastern block was all pervasive. They knew it was propaganda. Believe in the human spirit. Basically when enough of the working class to coin an old fashioned phrase realise that the line up for the people's party leadership are two scions of an eastern european jewish communist family driven by what must only be a sort of left careerism, an inner city black and a sort of clone of stodgy 'Phd in Labour history, never had a proper job' Brown. Oh and probably some other fuckers who've never had a proper job. The danger is that is will be the boiling frog situation. If it's so slow and accompanied by incresing immigration there will be very few of 'us' to bemoan the changed situation. Bit like the american indians, but without the reservations. I'm so fucking depressed by this. Fuck politeness.

Laban said...

Politeness is very important.

Anonymous said...

but, but, but-
dont 'they' have the oil?

Furor Teutonicus said...

They ALSO have to have some one to sell it to.

Anonymous said...

Politeness is the shill of passive-aggressives.

asdf said...

Why stop with "Wear a Hijab" day? Let's have "Beat your wife when she disobeys" day, "Kill a homosexual" day, "Rape and kill your own daughter for the sake of honor" day.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Dont ask US. Write an ask the stupid fucking dyke whores who are running the bin bag wearing contest.

Laban said...

Best of order please gentlemen, and mind the language. There are ladies present.