Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Going back to California
So many good things around
Don't want to leave California
Sun seems to never go down

Some people may treat you ugly
Some treat you beautiful too
That's the way life is all over
So look for the good things for you ...

Alas 'twas a long time ago that Mr Mayall wrote those words. Even 20 years back Washingtonians and Oregonians were complaining about the refugees heading North. Places like LA are being reclaimed by the original owners. Well, the owners from 200 years back, anyway. The friends we stayed with two years back are considering relocating to Nevada.

Enough. Real late night music. Bass, sax, voice, guitar.


Shlomo said...

Haven't commented for a while Laban, but here's my 3s6d worth:

*found this gem from the OST of 98's Manchurian Candidate - It's Immaterial with A Gigantic Raft In The Phillipines


Baroness Scotland - “This is a civil penalty just as if you drive into the city and you don’t pay a congestion charge. It is not a criminal offence. I made an administrative, technical error for which I am bitterly, bitterly sorry.”



Lynne Featherstone's speech at the party conference today:

"On Monday morning I went to Moordown St John’s Primary School - here in Bournemouth - with Trevor Phillips from the Equality Commission.

The children had been asked to draw pictures of politicians – needless to say – the pictures were almost all male and almost all pale – just like the House of Commons!"

"That’s why we need action - the practical step - is education and opportunity to blast away the old order." - more kulturkampf!

"It costs nothing – and by removing the name from job application forms – we remove from that very first sift the unconscious prejudice that sadly lurks in all of us." - I wonder, does it REALLY 'lurk' in all of 'us'...hmmm?

"9/11 and the subsequent Iraq war has fostered increasing ignorance and prejudice – on all sides.

And it deepens apace – as we saw with the fascist demonstrations against the Harrow Mosque on the anniversary of 9/11.

And there has been so much damage done to the image of Muslims with the reporting of news from overseas and here, where so-called Islamic terrorists often feature – but when those fighting the terrorists, or the victims of terrorism, are also Muslim – this often goes unmentioned.

The drip-drip effect of linking the word 'Muslim' and the word 'terrorism' – but not linking "victim" and "Muslim" in the same way – is pernicious.

And we have also seen a rising tide of attacks on Jewish people too." [...that subtle pause and was the sad irony a speechwriter's nod?]

...and there's plenty more. This woman is truly awful - vomit-inducing. I also note that she replaced the even more 'vibrant' Barbara Roche as MP for her N London constituency.

Celebrate diversity...or else!


dearieme said...

"Sun seems to never go down": had the bugger never been there? It goes down absurdly early all summer long.
And the first time I visited, it went down into a soup of filthy air.

Thud said...

I'm off to my home in Californis next week for a break till christmas.The level of segregation in the county I live in makes england seem like a pc paradise...it suits me fine.