Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rally For Mass Illegal Immigration !

via Socialist Unity, translation added in italics by LT. If you want to reward those enterprising souls who are here illegally, get down to Trafalgar Square on May 4th :

They propose that those who have been here for 4 or more years should be admitted to a 2-year pathway to full legal rights (“leave to remain”) during which they work legally and demonstrate their contribution to UK economy and society. After that 2-year period, subject to knowledge of English and employer and community references, they would be granted permanent leave to remain.

The benefits of regularisation

  • recognises the dignity of human beings who have made new lives in Britain (accepts that they've got away with illegal entry);
  • extends and reinforces the rule of law (totally undermines it);
  • levels the playing-field for low-paid workers (increases competition for entry-level unskilled jobs);
  • enables businesses to employ legally the labour it needs (because a) there are no unskilled unemployed in the UK, and b) as socialists we care deeply about business profits);
  • recognises the role that migrants already play in society (doing the jobs the natives just don't want to do);
  • ensures that tens of thousands of British workers receive the protection of the law(que ? I suppose anyone who's got here is British, aren't they ? Like Shaker Aamer.);
  • shrinks the black economy (aka we need more taxes);
  • frees up billions of pounds in taxes for the Exchequer(aka we need more taxes);
  • enables local authorities to plan better (aka enables them to ask for more taxpayer cash to provide services to these guys - that's why we need more taxes);
  • solves the expensive, inhuman delay in processing old asylum claims (aka the expense of making at least the pretence of controlling the borders);
  • builds a more cohesive British society (aka "we're taking the mick here");
  • and turns outlaws into neighbours - “strangers into citizens” –in the best British tradition of pragmatism and justice (aka "forget about the best British traditions of obeying the law and punishing those who break it").
Funnily enough they forgot to add 'Give the BNP another hundred thousand votes' to the list of 'benefits'.

Migrationwatch aren't quite so chuffed :

New research shows that an amnesty for illegal immigrants, or “undocumented workers” would cost £2 billion in its first full year of operation. As those concerned married and had families, the costs could rise to £4 billion a year.

Those granted an amnesty would be immediately entitled to apply for social housing, adding at least half a million to the waiting list (which is already over 1.5 million for England alone). They would also be entitled to bring over their families, thus moving up the queue which is largely based on “need”. Meanwhile they would be entitled to Housing Benefit which is included in this calculation.

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said:

Clearly the British public can see that to reward people with a meal ticket for life for breaking our laws is an absurd proposition. It will only encourage others to come and take their place in the hope of a further amnesty. That is exactly what has happened in Italy which has granted five amnesties in the past twenty years and Spain which has granted six.

Claims of “a huge increase in tax revenues” are ludicrous when benefit payments are taken into account. So proponents of an amnesty are left only with their claim to be advancing the cause of social justice. However, the real victims are British workers whose wages are held down or perhaps their job opportunities taken by people who came or remained here illegally of their own volition.

"As we enter a recession, competition for work by illegal immigrants should be reduced, not encouraged. The government and Opposition are absolutely right to oppose this ill-considered scheme. The only amnesty worth considering is an amnesty on departure – allowing people already here illegally to leave within a defined window without fear of arrest for immigration offences.”


Anonymous said...

See also under "condono" (Italian), and "Danegeld".

And to remind everyone YET AGAIN of what the great Kipling said, "Once you have paid them the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane"

Why do we never learn?

Anonymous said...

I think the amnesty on departures is a good idea. Give them six months to leave of their own volition. The first two months are a registration period, in which they declare themselves to the authorities. Any funds or property they declare during that two months, they retain title to. But within six months they must be gone. After that period, if they are caught, all property is treated as proceeds of crime and confiscated, prior to their deportation.

Unknown said...

I second the Anonymous comment at 6:22pm. That's the only kind of "amnesty" I would be prepared to accept.