Friday, April 10, 2009

M. Pot - may I introduce you to Mme Kettle ?

Guido on Tom Watson and fellow denizens of the Browning Street Bunker :

They are intent on a dirty, smear filled, personalised, negative, divisive political campaign that will reach a new low in British politics ... They have no coherent positive strategy, they only have political poison to offer ...
Hang on. I yield to no man in my despision of Gordon and all his vile work. But isn't Guido the chap who coined the phrase 'the Prime Mentalist' and illustrated 'Is Brown Bonkers' with the Glorious Leader photoshopped as a clown ?

While there's plenty of good political red meat in his blog, I thought personalised negativism was Guido's USP. As a commenter said on the 'Brown Bonkers' thread :

"It is low politics to hurl abuse at opponents...."

FFS that the whole purpose of this blog. Without the bile and insults we may as well switch over to Ma Dales.
I must say if Watson, Derek Draper and co try and cut up rough (there are already a claque of presumably full-time Labour people carpet-bombing blogs like Guido's with anti-Tory comments) political invective looks like it could be going back to the days of Gillray and his scandalous cartoons.


Trofim said...

Despision? Despision? After my initial perusion of this post, I came to the realision that this word cannot be found in any known dictionary of English.
My advision to you would be that the utilision of arbitrary neologisms should be avoided. Not that I don’t have any sympathision for your position.

DJ said...

The difference is that Guido is a gobby blogger, not a government mover and shaker. Or, to put it another way, basing your whole strategy on abuse is a good basis for a blog, but not for running a country.

Homophobic Horse said...

Guido is a hack and he can fuck off and die.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Personally I prefer despisal.

There's a derelict building near the Minories in the City of London with large notices outside instructing "No admittance". It sets my teeth on edge every time I see it. "No admittance" strikes me as the sort of expression used by somebody with a misconfidential commandation of English trying to sound posh or offical. Hypercorrection as we call it in the trade.

As to Smeargate, one good reason for the Government not to go down that route is that, compared with Guido and his ilk, they are rank amateurs.

Brian said...

Wasn't Alastair Campbell the originator of the "psychologically-flawed" Gordon Brown stories?

Call me Infidel said...

The thing is Laban. Guido does it for fun, whereas McBride gets paid (by us) for this. Personally I resent funding the Labour propaganda machine out of taxes.