Thursday, April 02, 2009

And They Say The Law Has No Sense Of Humour ...


A man and a woman have been jailed over the death of an innocent shopper in a queue-jumping row in south London. Southwark Crown Court heard Antonette Richardson called Tony Virasami to a Sainsbury's store in Merton where he hit Kevin Tripp, a bystander who had nothing to do with the dispute. Father-of-one Mr Tripp, 57, from Colliers Wood, south-west London, died when the "almighty blow" caused him to fall and fracture his skull, causing bleeding on the brain.

Richardson was jailed for 18 months and ex-boyfriend Virasami received four years for manslaughter.
So far so bog-standard. They've been on remand since last June, so she'll walk free (halve the sentence and knock off I think another 18 days - one of Labour's prison-emptying ideas) and he'll do another year or so. Less than two years for killing a stranger in an utterly unprovoked attack.

It's this bit that gets me :

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said the sentences reflected the "shock and concern felt by the public at large".
Quite the comedian, isn't he ?


Anonymous said...

18 day early release - which I believe most prisoners get unless they are actually caught cooking and eating a member of staff.

I think I emailed you about it a while ago LT.


Anonymous said...


Even if they served every day of the sentences handed down it would be an utter travesty. Both life long scumbags and petty criminals of the highest order. This sort of mindless aggression and violence is a daily occurrence on our streets. It’s in every town and city and the law is permitting it. The police catch these people regularly for all sorts of offences but getting any sort of a custodial sentence is well nigh impossible now.

The scum KNOW that there are almost no consequences for their actions. They are not that stupid. There is no longer ANY deterrent in the law. If you cross someone with a “different moral code” or “value system” or “behavioral problems” then they do as they please.

Don’t have a car? I’ll steal one. If that one runs out of petrol I’ll steal another or just not pay when I fill up.

Like that mobile phone? I’ll beat the owner up and take it.

No money for drugs? I’ll force my way into an old lady’s house and get hers. She’s nearly dead anyway and won’t need it then.

Four years? Should have been twenty (actually served). “You take your victims as you find them” or does this legal principle no longer apply? Life should mean exactly that. You die in prison. Not the ten to twelve they serve.

If he behaved like that in Singapore his feet (literally) wouldn’t touch the ground.

JuliaM said...

"Both life long scumbags and petty criminals of the highest order."

It was pointed out that Virasami was sentenced to five years for robbery. One more than he got (but won't serve) for killing an innocent man...

Edwin Greenwood said...

"18 day early release - which I believe most prisoners get unless they are actually caught cooking and eating a member of staff."

No, if you do that you still get your early release on time, but they give you a catering NVQ as well.

Anonymous said...

Is there a place one can write to Judge Geoffrey Rivlin to complain?

Dave H said...

As others have commented, this wasn't a momentary lapse by a law-abiding citizen. He already had a conviction for robbery and at the time of the killing was on bail for shoplifting.

We'll only be safe so long as he's inside.

dearieme said...

Why do the judges feel it necessary to add insult to injury?

Anonymous said...

white guy gets killed in unprovoked attack by a black guy.

black guy gets 4 years.

The BNP dont even need to make up propaganda - they can sit back and just let the judges do it for them.

Are the judges in cahoots with the government trying to create the conditions for an enabling of the Civil Contigencies Bill? Because it certainly looks that way.

Mark said...

As you point out on your blog,Virasami's 5 years for robbery was dished out in 1987.
We've travelled a fair way down the road to hell (or what Guardianistas call 'a civilised society')since then.

Anonymous said...

Mark, *rolls eyes, sighs* what you dont understand is that its the Daily Mail that sets the agenda for criminal justice issues, forever rolling back the liberal reforms of the past and bullying the Home Sec and bureaucrats into reactionary policies.