Monday, January 05, 2009

Harry Robinson

Blognor Regis tells me that the latest Maynards wine gums ad features the magnificent "Hoots Mon", the 1958 classic by Lord Rockingham's XI.

Lord Rockingham's band were the creation of a son of Elgin, one Henry Robertson aka Harry Robinson, whose full life included marrying the aristocratic The Hon Myrtle ("Ziki") Olive Felix Arbuthnot, 11th Baroness Wharton (producing four children including the 12th Baron - it also makes him a distant relation of the Guardian's ultra-left Felicity Arbuthnot), music for most of the Hammer horror films and the fine string arrangements for Sandy Denny (on her 'North Star Grassman, 'Old Fashioned Waltz' and 'Rendevous' albums) and the late Nick Drake.

None of his arrangements for Sandy Denny are on Youtube, alas. Maybe I'll put a lo-fi version of 'Carnival' or 'All Our Days' up one of these days.

Fortunately Nick Drake's 'River Man' is. And it's gorgeous. Voice, lyrics, guitar, strings. As near to perfection as a song can get.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the link to "River Man'.Despite the 70s being my formative years (ditto yourself ?)Nick Drake remained for me a name in the background- a gap that I'll now try to remedy.
According to the Wiki link Robertson/Robinson co produced the Elvis tribute show that ran in the West End for about a year after his demise.This gave Shakin Stevens his first big break- so unfortunately there is the odd duff note to Robertson/Robinsons musical legacy!