Friday, January 09, 2009

"80% of ethnic minorities employed in public sector"

And "17% of people going into higher education are ethnic minority".

So sayeth Sandra Kerr, interviewed on yesterdays Today programme (at ten to seven, so not archived - I have an mp3).

Before joining Race for Opportunity, Sandra worked in the Cabinet Office advising Cabinet Ministers on diversity and policies on race, disability, gender, and work life balance across Whitehall. Prior to this she worked for the Department of Work and Pensions delivering frontline services to 33,000 customers whilst managing a team of 140 staff over a 5 year period. She also spent 4 years as a personal development trainer and IT skills trainer.

In her spare time, Sandra manages to work as a part-time consultant team adviser for the Work Foundation’s Premiere Leadership Programmes which is for senior leaders working in the public and private sector.

You amaze me.

I'm not going to go into the subject of her latest campaign (2m pdf file), which as presented is basically "not enough black faces in boardrooms", as I haven't digested the report - and when asked for figures by Evan Davis on the Today programme yesterday (at ten to seven - the programme is on Iplayer, shortly to be replaced by today's - the BBC only archives the seven to nine segment) she said 'it differs' - and apparently it's growing, but not as fast as the ethnic minority population is !

What struck me was

a) her remark about the ethnic minority percentage in higher education (17%), which is congruent with the 23% of ethnic minorities in English primary schools, although I'm pretty certain the schools figure is for all minorities, whereas Sandra's only concerned about dark-skinned ones. I'm pretty sure some minority groups (Chinese, Jews, Parsees, Jains spring to mind) do rather well in business.

b) her throwaway statement that 80% of ethnic minorities are employed by the state. This seems an enormously large percentage. What happened to all these hard-working chaps of whom private employers are in such desperate need ? Perhaps the racist state is discriminating against the natives in employment - without the hard figures it's hard to tell. It would be worth a look. I wonder where she got that number from ?

The whole thing falls into the standard mode of liberal campaigning, viz :

i) tax everyone
ii) recycle the tax to favoured pressure groups (see the list of sponsors for Ms Kerr's pressure group)
iii) produce report which is amplified by state-owned (BBC) and state-sponsored (Guardian) media.
iv) et voila ! Thus minority views get majority cash - as long as they're the right views.

Such techniques eliminate all the hassly bits of campaigning, like finding people who agree with you, getting them involved and getting them to put their hands in their pockets. Like so many other things, political activism has been contracted out by the State to its preferred suppliers.

Elsewhere, unbelievably, the natives are still fleeing London faster than incomers arrive :

Almost 1.8 million people have moved to London from abroad over the last decade, new figures revealed today. However the city proved less popular with British residents, and lost the largest number of people through internal migration of any area in the UK.

The Bank of Scotland research, published today, showed that between 1998 and 2007 nearly 2 million people moved out of the capital to other parts of Britain, while 1.6 million moved to it. This two million was equivalent to more than a quarter (26%) of the city's population in 2007. London was the only region of the UK to experience a net population loss, which was 344,558.
However, the capital's population was boosted over the 10 years to 2007 thanks to international immigration. London experienced by far the biggest level of net international migration, with almost 1.8 million more people moving to London from abroad than have moved from the capital to live outside the UK. However over that decade deaths in the city and internal migration from London meant that the capital's population rose by only 370,000.

The South East of England was the most popular region for people to move to from elsewhere in the UK, leading to a net increase of 550,889. More than 2.2 million people moved to the area, while almost 1.7 million left. The South West recorded the second highest level of net internal migration, gaining 514,511 people. Northern Ireland gained 10,681 residents through internal migration. The North East and North West were the only UK regions to see an overall decline in their population, losing 26,000 and 27,000 respectively.

Martin Ellis, Bank of Scotland Chief Economist, said: "There have been significant population movements across the UK over the past ten years. Regions in southern England saw the largest gain from internal migration with the South East proving the most popular region for people to move to from elsewhere in the UK."

Internal migration has boosted Scotland's population by 157,757. Between 1998 and 2007 the report showed that 542,524 people moved to Scotland from other regions of the UK, while only 384,767 left.

The report was based on data sourced from the 2008 Population Trends published by the Office for National Statistics.

Kevin Myers noticed that last time he was there :

What most struck me while watching BBC television news reports of the Christmas sales in the West End of London, was firstly obvious, and secondly, it was something that no-one with the BBC would ever have remarked on. It was this. The shoppers -- and there were thousands of them -- were overwhelmingly of Asian or African origin. In the vast throngs of faces, there was barely a Caucasian face to be seen; and when there was, of course, that was no guarantee that it was British.

Yazza gives us her own idiosyncratic take on Hazel Blears' tears for the poor whites.

A new government report finds that they feel "betrayed" and abandoned. Ruined by "ethnic minorities" they cry into their antimacassars and threaten to vote for fascists. The British working classes include people of every shade. But only white grievances matter. Nobody seeks to find out what life is like for the incomers living in the fog of nativist bitterness.
Antimacassars ? When did you last see one of those in a native household ?


Anonymous said...

Yazza informs us white people have a "culture of intolerable complaint".

There's chutzpah, or whatever the equivalent is.

Anonymous said...

'But only white grievances matter. Nobody seeks to find out what life is like for the incomers living in the fog of nativist bitterness.'
Yazza is truly the Helen Keller of the commentariat. Most of the others in print media(Kevin Myers, now only printed in the Auld Sod, being one of the few exceptions)suffer from similar disabilities, but not usually in the advanced condition exhibited by the Star of the Indie.
As for the BBC, Yazza selective blindness syndrome appears to be a condition for employment there.

Anonymous said...

""80% of ethnic minorities employed in public sector""

So that explains it!!

Here's a letter I've just written the HMRC.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to make a formal complaint about the HMRC website:

The front page depicts an individual. The image is chosen from four possible images. These images can be seen by refreshing the website until all four have been cycled through.

The images are of the following people:

* A black woman
* An Asian woman
* An Asian man
* A white woman

In other words, three quarters of the images are of non-white people, three quarters are of women, and none are of white men.

As a white man and a taxpayer, I find this lack of representation racist, sexist and deeply offensive.

Furthermore, I suggest that the vast bulk of taxation is paid into the exchequer by white men, as opposed to none at all. I am astonished that you see fit to derive most of your income from us but deliberately ostracise us from the front page of your website.

Please can I suggest that in order to more accurately represent the community in general and the taxpaying community in particular you make the following changes.

* Replace the current four images with ten images

* Of those, have nine depicting white people and one depicting an ethnic minority

* Of those, have the majority men, and the minority women

This would address the current distortion and imbalance and give a truer picture of the country as a whole and the taxpaying base specifically.

If you are not prepared to redress this discrimination and inaccuracy, I would be very grateful for an explanation.

Yours sincerly,



So the state is a job creation scheme for ethnic minorities at the expense of the rest of the population! Hooray for New Labour! This is what we voted for!

Anonymous said...

The staff at my local Job Centre in East London are about 90% Ethnic Minority.

As the recession increases I think that many new claimants will notice these things.

Anonymous said...

I hate to drag down the level of discourse but if Yazza doesnt like it here she can fuck right off. Now.

If her vibrant playmates here dont like nativist bitterness either they know what they can do as well.

Reading this sort of thing pushes me well beyond 'bitterness' believe me Yasmin darling.

"nobody seeks to find out...blah blah etc"

Actually we hear of little else.

JuliaM said...

"So the state is a job creation scheme for ethnic minorities at the expense of the rest of the population! Hooray for New Labour! This is what we voted for!"

Oh, you must let us know if you get a reply to that letter....

Anonymous said...

Here's another one for the Laban Tall of getting behind the stats at the truth as you did with the STD statistics.

Christmas spending is seen as the marker, year on year, of economic performance.

But a significant amount of that spending is on children. I'm guessing that at least 40%.

As you point out, 25% of kids are now ethnic minority - some will be Xtian - possibly more Xtian than most of the natives, but many won't.

Have we reached a point where religious demographic changes are going to render this marker invalid, as people simply aren't participants in Christmas at all?

Anonymous said...

A scary figure. This high percentage perhaps explains why corruption is endemic in the public sector. Of course, no one dares point this out, for fear of being labelled a bigot. The stats are out there to prove me right (I should start my blog).

On the subject of antimassacars: I associate them with elderly Caribbean ladies.

JuliaM said...

"The stats are out there to prove me right (I should start my blog)."

Yes, you should. I'd read it.

JuliaM said...

"Have we reached a point where religious demographic changes are going to render this marker invalid, as people simply aren't participants in Christmas at all?"

Can we be sure they don't participate in the 'fithy consumption' part of Christmas, as well as the 'baby Jesus' part..? After all, there aren't too many Christians around like there used to be, but shopping seems to have taken over as the new religion.

And does spending on Eid/Hannuka/Diwali make up for it? On the latter, fireworks manufacturers have nothing to fear, should we all stop celebrating Guy Fawkes Night!

Anonymous said...

I am going to ask my local MP, Jim Fitzpatrick, to ask the Local Government Minister to supply figures for Ethnic/Native Public Sector employment rates.

It would be nice to see a statistical analysis that outlined the relative success of Ethnic/British applicants.


Anonymous said...

Some of the more libertarian members of the tax-paying community in the US, dismayed at Obama's talk of "spreading the wealth around", have been discussing the idea of going John Galt. One reads of many self-employed who have shrunk their businesses to take their income below the $150k threshold touted by the Dems.

I wonder if something like that could happen here?

Anonymous said...

"My mate" works for HMRC. If Hugh Oxford gets a reply, it will be along the lines of HMRC being "committed to diversity" which is held to be a universal good thing in the way that hygiene is a good thing in the NHS.

Diversity is, no question about it, a GOOD THING. Shame that they seem to be over-represented in HMRC's disciplinary cases involving criminal fraud, including 2 in London recently who were convicted and sentenced for their part in a 419 fraud.

No doubt it's a cultural thing that my mate doesn't understand. Perhaps he should be re-trained.

My mate was recently sent on an "Equal Opportunities and Diversity" course. Non attendance a disciplinary offence. Question posed by the earnest, employed-full-time-to-do-this, ladies: a young woman starts her first day at work wearing very revealing clothing. What do you do as a manager?

Brains racked, back comes the answer: ask a female member of staff to have a quiet word. Oh no, acknowledging her state of dress might cause her OFFENCE!

Exasperated by the situation, one of the female members of the team, not noted for her reticence, gave her judgement. "Look, if some BIRD came into the office with her tits hanging out and her minge on display, OF COURSE blokes are going to look. I'd tell her to stop dressing like a slapper."

The course "facilitators" sat looking stunned, before moving swiftly on.

The Civil Service used to be strictly a-political. Now it has "Chief Executives" who compete with each other to comply with every government directive, no matter how ridiculous.

Control freaks, the lot of them, desperate to please the only people they look up to: other control freaks.

My mate tells me, albeit with his rose-tinted glasses perched on the tip of his nose, that it was never like this 20 odd years ago when he joined. Back then a officer's word was his bond, racism was not tolerated because people were intelligent enough to know that it was both wrong and, even if you thought that way, was poisonous to team spirit so was best kept a private thought, and members of the public were treated with a level of civility, even if they didn't entirely deserve it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Antimacassars ? When did you last see one of those in a native household ?"

About the last time the Yazzloony entered a native household, if ever.

I utterly, utterly loathe her.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, acknowledging her state of dress might cause her OFFENCE!

The logical vacuum at the heart of the multicult in a nutshell. We must celebrate diversity, but, at the same time we mus not notice it.

Malthebof said...

Following on from Kevin Myers comments. Whenever there is a news story on education and the reporter goes to a school in London ( no nothing exists outside the M25) all the pupils (secondary or primary) are black, and no comment is ever made about this, strange.

Trofim said...

I was interested in the use of the word "nativist". I came across this a few weeks ago for the first time. My 1988 Chambers dictionary (in addition to specialised meaning in psychology) says "the disposition to favour the natives of a country in preference to immigrants", which to me, and 99% of the population of the world, is simply axiomatic, a given. But to lefties, this is a term of abuse. I think we are going to see a lot more of this word - it's the new "islamophobia" - a word used in an attempt to delegitimise what is normal.

Anonymous said...

Each year I mark a set of 4th year medical student assignments: I've marked 40 a year for 5 years - 200 essays.

I apply a simple test each year to the commentary part of each student assignment. I lift the most suspicious looking sentence and google it to see if there has been any web-based plagiarism. It's not particularly rigorous but it seems a reasonable screening test. On two occasions there has been obvious plagiarism - an essay simply lifted from the internet (in one case the student was so stupid he left html text in the word document. Durrrrr.) This was done blind as I only have the students' matriculation numbers on the essays rather than their names.

The students were each then reported to the Dean (the University takes plagiarism VERY seriously). Interestingly the two students were both of South Asian (ie Pakistani) origin.

I did a simple statistical analysis on this based on the ethnic mix of the students.This produced a pvalue of <0.05 that's to say the association is statistically significant - there is a less than 1 in 20 probability that this happened by chance.

Make of that what you will in the light of the HMRC comments above...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and while you're on the subject of minorities, public cash and the right sort of views, how about Brighton Council withdrawing funding from a care home because its not onboard with 'gay rights'

The council withdrew £13,000 of funding when the care home refused the council’s request to ask the elderly Christian residents about their sexual orientation every three months. The home also refused demands from the council that it use images of homosexuals in its promotional literature and show staff a Stonewall presentation on ‘gay rights’.
The home is run by Pilgrim Homes, a charity serving elderly Christians for more than 200 years. Its residents include former missionaries and a retired church minister.
Phil Wainwright, director of human resources at Pilgrim Homes, said he was told by the council that the home must ask residents if they were lesbian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual or ‘unsure’, even if they objected.

We've really lost it haven't we?

Anonymous said...

We've really lost it haven't we?
If someone asked my geriatric Christian mother or grandmother whether or not she masturbates women, or my grandfather if he sodomises and fellates other men, it would be all I could do to stop myself beating that person to a pulp.

Why, on pain of fiscal penury, would you put the staff of an old folks' home in that position? I can only conclude because you are sick and warped people.

Anonymous said...

The council wanted the home to use pictures of gay and lesbian people.How can you tell what someones sexuality is by looking at them . Perhaps the council knows something we don't .The home is open to all sinners saved by the grace of God therefore it is open to all people in the community gay or straight .They must know salvation .That is the barrier that the council should attack but they dont understand it so take the gay rights tack instead assuming homophobia a fear of homosexuality. They have christianophobia and are christian bashing.

Anonymous said...