Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's McTorture In The Community

The latest English fashion finally crosses the Tweed.

A man who was found dead in his home in Fife on Thursday suffered a "horrific ordeal" before his death, police said. A murder investigation has now been launched into the death of Mark White at his home in Glenrothes. Fife Constabulary said the 31-year-old's body might have been in his home for some days.

Det Supt Alistair McKeen said that Mr White was "a harmless young man, who despite his learning difficulties, led an independent, happy life".
I'm sure there were dark sides to the old "homes" and "loony-bins", where those who were once called 'simples' or 'naturals' often ended up (in the absence of devoted, fit and time-rich relatives). But there's little evidence of their inmates being tortured to death.

Doubtless the heartbreaking details will unfold in due course. If the past is any guide to the future, his torturers and killers will turn out to be well-known locally, "known to social services" and the law, and with habits including petty crime, assault and drug abuse. It's quite possible that at least one of them will be female.


paul ilc said...

The social services' dogma that elderly people (sorry, "elders") are better off in their own homes has caused much misery and suffering. Meanwhile, the oppressive over-regulation of care homes has resulted in a reduction in provision. For example -- and I work in the sector -- break a pane of glass in an internal door of a home for the elderly and there are 53(!) pages of 'guidance' and regulation governing its replacement. Your multiple risk assessments must give 'good' reasons why you have chosen to ignore the 'guidance' and 'best practice'. And as for fire risks...the paperwork is astonishing!

Anonymous said...

It just defies belief. No doubt the Guardianistas will claim it is all the result of Thatcherism, and continue drawing the salaries.

Anonymous said...

People were so keen to tear down the old asylums that they overlooked what "asylum" meant. It was nothing to do with Thatcher of course - I understand that the war on asylums started in California in the late 60s.