Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is Sir Ian Blair in charge of Bombay Police ?

I know, fog of war, confused situation and all that. But :

Mumbai's chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said two "British-born Pakistanis" were among eight gunmen captured alive during bloody shoot-outs with soldiers ...

One commando leader described how suspicions of a British link had been raised when investigators examined BlackBerry mobile phones seized from some of the captured Islamic extremists, which they had used to monitor the internet.

General Noble Thamburaj, head of India's southern command, told the Telegraph: "There was a lot of content from the English media, not just in London but the Urdu and Arabic sites that are very strong in the north of England.

Yet according to BBC radio news this morning, all the 'militants' are dead except one :

Police say they have arrested one suspected attacker. The number of militants involved in the coordinated attacks remains unclear.

From eight down to one in a day - does that look like a counting error to you ? It's while the info coming out is of that quality that I'm leery of putting too much weight on the reports that operatives came from the "Jihad Triangle" of Beeston/Dewsbury/Bradford.

(I suppose the alternative theory is that there WERE eight, and the other seven are being "debriefed with extreme prejudice" prior to their demise. Maybe reports that they're dead are just a week or two premature.)


DavetheF said...

Mumbai cops are now saying there were ony TEN of the murdering sods in the first place. I don't believe any of the numbers being touted around. I think you are right in suggesting that some may be enduring something of a going over in a dungeon somewhere.

Anonymous said...

i would agree with your premise laban - a bit of interrogation followed by a bullet to the head.

the indians dont do political correctness or human rights bollocks.

Anonymous said...

I guess you guys are not following the news from the right sources..

From what I read on news, 3 terrorists at Taj hotel and 2 terrorists at Oberoi were shot by Indian commandos during the bloody battle. Exact number is not known at Nariman house..

So guys, reserve your comments until you get to know facts..

Anonymous said...

the indians dont do political correctness

That's what I would have thought, too, before I read this. It seems that Indian politicians have exactly the same problem as the British in locating the source of the problem. Cricket and English were not the only legacies of the Raj.