Friday, November 28, 2008

Godwin's Law

"Politics in Germany are not as they are over here. There you do not leave office to go into Opposition. You do not leave the Front Bench to sit below the Gangway. You may well leave your high office at a quarter of an hour's notice to drive to the police station, and you may be conducted thereafter very rapidly to an even graver ordeal."
Churchill, History of the Second World War Vol I

"excuse me if I give the whole 'Day of Infamy' thing a miss"
Dumb Jon


DJ said...

OK, now I'm lost? DOes that mean you agree or disagree?

Actually, it occurs to me that the Nazi analogy works in one respect. This really is like the invasion of Poland, in the sense of being just the natural evolution of a series of lesser provocations which have gone unanswered. Hence my lack of patience with folks acting as though this suddenly came from out of the blue.

Laban said...

No, I think I can agree with you. I didn't see the entire Tory party up in arms about other instances of using the police to harass inconvenient people. Just thought that while the Churchill quote was apposite, it's not exactly the Night of the Long Knives - so dropped you in as a corrective.

North Northwester said...

Off-topic I know, but here's a good-hearted, truth-telling, right-minded whistle-blowing blogger in deep trouble. Please read it – it may be one of the last.

In this week of all weeks, when an MP was arrested for trying to expose the government’s dishonesty and incompetence you might like to go over and encourage her and stick it to the people in charge.
Our shared foes.

Spread the word.