Saturday, March 01, 2008

Earth Angel

The original classic doo-wop.

Taken pretty straight by Death Cab For Cutie, whoever they may be. The guy (Ben Gibbard) can sing.

Murdered horribly by Blink 182. I wouldn't click 'play' if I were you, but at least it's short.

50 cent takes a 'crack' at it - probably le mot juste.

And back to the High School roots once more. Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, LA. Lead vocal Alex Lee cranks up the teen angst in fine style.

(BTW, I hadn't realised how big doo-wop was with Chicanos - Latino immigrants to the US. Type in 'rola' or 'cruisin oldie' into Youtube to uncover a cornucopia of forgotten doo-wop. As featured in this movie - Boulevard Nights.

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Anonymous said...

Ben Gibbard is a genius! though I like him better in the postal service.
Did you et to listen to their last remix?
It's nothing less of amazing.