Monday, February 18, 2008

The One Man Madder Than Rasputin

This chap makes Rowan Williams seem like the Archbishop of Canterbury.

From the top officials who didn't pass on a note from Diana in which she said she feared for her life, to the driver Henri Paul; they were all in the pay of the security services or the "dark forces". The princess's former butler, Paul Burrell, and her sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale were also part of the cover-up, according to Mr Al Fayed. And, as he had maintained for years, Prince Philip and Prince Charles were in charge.

He referred to the royals as the "Dracula family" and called Prince Philip "a Nazi" and "a racist", and even suggested his original surname was something like "Frankenstein". As the list of the co-conspirators expanded to include then-prime minister Tony Blair, the French ambulance service, and the British Ambassador in Paris, the laughs from the public gallery grew longer and louder.

Of course it's all paranoid nonsense. Every normal person knows that Prince Philip and the Royal Family are in fact the secret leaders of a world eco-fascist movement via "front" organisations like the World Wildlife Fund, controlling the appointment of British Prime Ministers while plotting "levels of population genocide that would make Adolf Hitler's crimes pale by comparison".

David Duff has pity on Poor Tom.

This man had a son, and upon this son he built a shimmering palace of hope, ambition and expectation, only to see it dashed and smashed. The ricocheting splinters have pierced his soul and he is now beyond saving. He will spend the rest of his life nursing his bitterness, hugging his hate, muttering his curses even unto his death bed.


Anonymous said...

Sure proof of the madness is that Fayed is convinced the British establishment (whatever that is now) and security services are out to get him.

How does he counter this?

By stipulating that all his own security/bodyguards are ex-members of the British military and police.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Let's give this man a British passport post haste! Bloody loon. How much has this fiasco cost us so far?

Anonymous said...

A sudden influx of visitors from "UK Commentators" puzzled me until I read your linked quote, for which, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Guess we'll have to nationalise Fulham FC too.

Wait! Then we'll need new departments of state (England and Wales of course) for under-funded football clubs, and has-been banks. Think of the jobs!

Anonymous said...

While one can have sympathy for Fayed, his hangers-on deserve none and appear to be in it mainly for the money.

Prominent among them is Mike Mansfield QC who was also the lawyer acting for Stephen Lawrence's family before the Macpherson Inquiry. Fortunately the coroner appears to be less gullible tham Macpherson.