Thursday, February 21, 2008

News Via Google

I got a hit at 18:33:28 for "Hutton Road shot Handsworth 17 Feb 2008" - yet there's nothing on the news sites.

Most of the time this sort of thing happens there's something behind it. Someone checking to see if it's on the news yet ? Someone who knows something the rest of us don't ?

(maybe he should make a pre-emptive call to these guys. Love the sales pitch.)


JuliaM said...

OT, btw, but didn't you do something recently on the Cartys..? Is this another one:

"Jason McInerney, 20, of Romford, Kirk McInerney, 18, of no fixed address, and Martin Carty, 18, of north west London, deny Mr Mitchell's attempted murder."

Anonymous said...

Hussains solicitors: do you think Greg Dyke might call them hideously non-white