Friday, February 22, 2008

Carty III

For such an unusual surname I do seem to see it on the news a lot.

A gunman wearing a balaclava burst into a wedding reception and shot the groom, a court has heard. Joshua Mitchell, 20, of Slough, was shot in the thigh in an apparent attempt to "sexually mutilate" him at Skyways Hotel, in Slough, Berkshire.

Jason McInerney, 20, of Romford, Kirk McInerney, 18, of no fixed address, and Martin Carty, 18, of north west London, deny Mr Mitchell's attempted murder.

Hmm. At least it wasn't Martin Carthy.

Reading Crown Court heard that during their break-up, Mary-Ellen Mitchell, then Miss Murphy, started speaking with Jason McInerney, who she said she knew as Paddy Delaney.

I may be wrong, but is this a traveller's tale ? There's a showman's site at Blaxton.

Jason McInerney, Kirk McInerney and Martin Carty, all deny one charge of attempted murder, one charge of robbery and an alternative charge of GBH. The defendants McInerney, 20, of Romford, Essex, brother Kirk, 18, of no fixed address and cousin Carty, 18, of Kingsbury, north west London, were all arrested in Blaxton, near Doncaster.