Monday, January 07, 2008

The New Sound of Bexley Heath (video Parental Advisory)

"guns, shanks (knives - LT), hands - anyhow you want it bitch - we go any style"

The late Mr Faridon Alizada (aka Fighterrr), stabbed to death in a Kentish tower block on Saturday, and his chums Twisterrr and Presharrr take a quiet country stroll. Whether he hailed from Albania, as some report, or from Somalia or Afghanistan (isn't Faridon a Jordanian name ?), whether his peer group was the "West Street Boys", "Westhill", the "Younger Rebel Attackers", "Rebel Assault" or the "IVS - Invincible Souljahs", whether Twisterrr and Presharrr are the other two injured - is shrouded in mystery. (According to these comments he was an IVS 'operative').

But his 792 friends are in deep mourning.

Lisa-Jane recalls with affection "u n toro teliin me n tonii tha deal of get down or lay dwn biitch haha!! ".

Yeliz remembers "u was tellin me how ur gonna take over sidcup" - a dream forever to be unrealised.

Li'l Yeshh has fond memories of "When You Cum My College N Started Terorisin Every1"

You can see from his videos what a loss we have suffered.

Mr Edward Heath is rotating at 3,200 rpm.

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