Monday, May 14, 2007

Immigration figures 'are false' II

A couple of weeks back we had the mayor of Newham and leaders of Slough and Hammersmith dissing the figures.

Westminster, Ken & Chelsea are joining in.

Sir Simon Milton, leader of Westminster City Council, said his council had "anecdotal evidence to suggest that over 2,000 migrants are coming through Victoria coach station on a weekly basis".

Victoria coach station ? That'll be Eastern Europe then.

Two thirds of local authorities across the country contacted by the BBC said they did not have faith in the official number of migrants in their area.

More than half said they would consider doing their own count to establish a more accurate picture.

To repeat :

"Britain is now an open country, in immigration terms the equivalent of the drunk girl on the sofa as the party ends, being eyed up by a couple of dodgy lads."

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Anonymous said...

The only viable option is an Assisted Passage Program for those long-term resident in Britain to ease overcrowding.

A tax-free gratuity so the much-despised middle class could leave and let the country flourish in the New Utopia would be the best policy.

With a new crop of fast-reproducing incomers to replace the tired, lazy, and low fecundity native population it is the most humane option for the taxpayer to give them a bonus to leave the country.