Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's Cognitive Dissonance Time ...

The problem : The World Bank are refusing to give money to some countries unless they comply with the World Bank's conditions.

The solution :
Refuse to give money to the World Bank unless they comply with Hilary Benn's conditions.


Anonymous said...

Who made the World Bank king of the world? Another tranzi organisation that needs the wrecking ball taken to it in a major way. No more money to the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund. We've got to pare these tranzis way back.

Anonymous said...

The World bank is requiring recipient countries to liberalise their economies before they get aid. This is based upon the fact that economically liberal countries in the the far east have performed better than others. This may not be sufficient to do the job, but it is at least an attempt to move African countries beyond the failed socialist economic management methods that many currently use.

Against that, Hilary Benn wants to just give the money to African governments and trust them to spend it wisely. Gosh, I wonder why we've never tried that before.

I have no paricular love for trans-national organisations but I think the World Bank is, on balance, less deluded than Benn.

Anonymous said...

This struck me as the equivalent of going up to a charity giver and berating him for failing to give a bum drug money.

Also note the double standard. The recipients of the aid money should be allowed to act as they please. But the givers, such as oursleves, can be bossed around by the Wolrd Bank, etc.