Thursday, September 14, 2006


"Women will thus only have as much freedom as their men are willing and capable of guaranteeing them. It is a major flaw in many feminist theories that they fail to acknowledge this. The difference between women’s rights and women’s illusions is defined by a Smith and Wesson, not by a Betty Friedan or a Virginia Wolf."

Fjordman on men, women, feminism and Islam.


Anonymous said...

When I was 17 I (in common with all my 17 year old friends)had only one thought in my head.Getting laid.

In those days that wasn't easy,most girls kept their legs tightly crossed before marriage so most guys quickly realised that to get regular sex they would either have to get married or persuade someone that marriage was just around the corner.And that's what most of us did.Most of my age group at school were married by 25 at the latest,boys and girls.

Of course to support a wife you had to get a job- and not many women were prepared to take you on(and let you get sex) if you were not prepared to get your head down and graft.One thing naturally led to another and before you knew it 2 or 3 children were running about and amongst other things the future of your genes (and your race) was assured.

Today there is no need for young men to get married to get sex.It appears to be on offer all around them more or less on demand.One result is that we are not reproducing our genes or our race .Our birth rate,is below replacement levels.Most west European countries are the same.

All of the above is pretty much fact,now for fantasy.

Suppose the driving force in evolution is our genes.The genes have looked around and realised, if this continues in the long run we(our genes)are finished.That goes against a gene's raison d'etre so a solution needs to be found.Perhaps ,a gene might reason,we're dying out because-as this guy Fjordman says -women are not prepared to stay in the house and have children .Since they've gone out to work they are just not interested in 2+ kids each and the guys are too soft to make them do it .So what we need are some new harder guys, who will put women back in their proper place, which(from a gene's point of view) is married and having 3 or more kids each, thus saving us (the genes) from extinction.(genes can't afford political correctness)It will mean a bit of compromise with some other genes ,but needs must when the devil drives.

Now, where do we get these harder guys?

Anonymous said...

Mr fordwych, genes don't have little brains telling women to go get laid by foreigners.

Many British women simply don't want children by anyone. Until they get to about 40 years old when they start crying for NHS help.
As Laban has pointed out 50% of births in London are to foreign mothers.

English people are simply dying out.

I notice Clair Short on TV today calling herself a social democrat and saying we should be more like Scandinavia, she didn't mention ofcouse that Norway and Sweden have some of the worst birth-rates in the world.
Strange to support a collapsing society as an ideal.

Anonymous said...

'genes don't have little brains telling women to go get laid by foreigners'

But they behave as if they do.