Saturday, June 24, 2006

Two To View

"Liberals have spent years telling us that racism is a feature of right-wing thinking. So what’s going on in the People’s Republic of Scotland ?" muses Dumb Jon.

And the Coulter/Paxman video is most entertaining. Paxman introduces her as "Ann Coulter, whose right-wing rants ..." then asks "You also believe there is some sort of liberal hegemony in the media, do you ? ... I just don't see how this argument stacks up.".

"No, you're right - with the warm introduction like you just gave me - no - no liberal hegemony there ..."

See it at Youtube.

1 comment:

'Eddie Willers' said...

A vivid demonstration of Paxo's smugness - he comes across as a strained Victor Meldrew type who just can't believe what he's hearing.