Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sorry About That ....

A 50-hour working week and ferrying children home from cricket matches meant no blogging last week. Didn't get home before 9 pm any night.

"Get to the top - I'm too tired to blog" as Eddie Cochran might have said.

More than a few blogworthy items last week, too.

How, when homosexual couples were allowed to foster children, could anyone have predicted this story ?

Two stories I'd have liked to cover, which Drinking From Home has reported on - the Tory who compares the Cross of St George to the swastika, and the latest Pew report on Muslims and the rest (management summary, with contrast slightly turned up - we think they're alright sorts, religion of peace, etc etc. They hate our guts.) To quote this old post :

Blair has no intention of doing anything about the chain migration which, along with natural fecundity and a severe shortage of lesbian feminists, will have tripled the Muslim population of places like Bradford in thirty years.

The liberal elite's attitude to Islam reminds me of Churchill's comment about Prince Paul of Serbia, whose nation had deeply offended Hitler by the (anti-German) coup of early 1941, but who feared to provoke Germany by mobilising their armed forces.

Prince Paul's attitude, Churchill wrote, "is that of an unfortunate man in a cage with a tiger - hoping not to provoke him, while steadily dinner time approaches".

DFH (and other commentators) don't seem to have picked up on (IMHO) one of the most unexpected (and disturbing) findings of the Pew Report - that only 44% of Turks think democracy can work in their country. This, remember, is the country that the new director of think-tank Demos believes must join Europe or risk "an intensification of Islamism". Ms Bunting (for it is she) thinks that 80 million Turks in the EU 'could shape a new, prosperous and peaceful accommodation between Islam and the secular west.' And Islam, as Maddy will tell you, has only been violent since the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

Lionel Shriver is one of the most clear-eyed Guardianistas around. Her stuff on educated, childless women is top. So's this Guardian piece on migration.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am not a homophobe but allowing gays to foster children is just plain wrong on every level. Sure there are sexual predators in hetero couples, but this whole scenario has developped from our countries fetish for human rights and political correctness. Go back twenty years and this would not have been allowed and if there had been a suspicion of abuse it would have been investigated. But now we are so afraid of the victim culture wankers screaming "homophobia" that the council refuse to tell the police.

As for Turks in the EU well that really will be the end for Europe.