Saturday, June 24, 2006

See No Evil ...

We're getting used to this sort of coverage now. Compare the coverage of a South London murder.

First the £3billion, taxpayer-funded BBC.

Then the coverage of Lifestyle Extra, a site run by Pathom Ltd.


Anonymous said...

LifeStyle Extra catalogued the murder in the 'Healthy Living' section. I thought at first that was irony but then maybe this stuff is so routine that well you could imagine someone writing an article on healthy living in 5th Century Rome - "Healthy Living - Sack of Rome Special - Top 10 tips for women on how to avoid being raped by an angry Goth," - without any ironic intention. Shows how far you've declined where this stuff appears normal.

Even crediting Lifestyle for some honest reporting, somehow the perpetrators "mental illness" at the top of their article was turned into a completely logically different "but we cannot rule out mental health issues." Sort of misleading if one didn't read the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Pathom in their creaking fashion have still managed to convey more truth than the dismal propaganda served up by the Beeb in this case.

Anonymous said...

These days you can tell instantly whether the victim/attacker is white/ethnic minority by the volume of a BBC article reporting it. White victim/ethnic minority attacker - perfunctory report, few details, certainly no report on ethnicity, buried under a regional/county page. Ethnic minority victim/white attacker - headline news for days, analysis articles, prominent and frequent references to ethnicity, multiple references to the word "racist", whether quoted or unquoted.

Yep, the Dhimmi Met police chief was right - the media IS biased in how it reports "racist" attacks.

Martin said...


As someone who has no financial interest in its success and no connection to its management, Life Style Extra has been part of my daily reading for months. In Glasgow, it's the first place I go to for London news.

Thank you for giving that excellent site some of the wider exposure it deserves.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Why not post these on BBBC?

These sort of compare and contrast work very well.

Anonymous said...

I'm warming to Lifestyle Extra already, in this story "Ecuador fans not deflated by defeat" you get:

And a fellow grumpy Scot, who refused to be named, said: "I support two teams in my life that is Hibs and Scotland. i don't want our rivals to win anything. I was behind Ecuador because they are not English. I am gutted, I wanted England to go out. But they will be out next round.

"England are a quarter final team only, you have got a shite manager, the wrong captain and you will win nothing."

Brilliant !