Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stopped Clock "Sometimes Right" Shock Horror

In among the usual nagombi ("this howl of existential anxiety") the BBC's Caroline Wyatt gets the odd bit of sense in.

"To the barricades, they went, these revolutionaries, to fight for their rights - to pensions, mortgages and a steady job.

Such odd revolutionaries. No heartfelt cry to change the world, but a plea for everything to stay the same.

For France to remain in its glorious past: a time of full employment and jobs for life - a paternalistic state to take care of them from cradle to grave"

"A recent survey suggested that for most of the young in France, the real dream is to become a civil servant - a fonctionnaire. To work in government offices with regular hours, long holidays, and a 35 hour working week."

Blogger Rue Rude isn't so poetic about existential anxiety.

"Casseurs with hoods and masks are all around Place de la République right now breaking things and causing mayhem right now, 20h30-- stay out of central Paris if you can. "

And the Pub Philosopher on the story the MSM ignore - how, once again, ghetto youth are attacking the demonstrating 'bolos'.

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Anonymous said...

Here are some pictures of the racist attacks on White people the legacy media won't be able to show.

Rob Read.