Saturday, November 19, 2005

Paris Riots, French Rappers, the BBC, Dalrymple ...

The BBC's Hugh Schofield gets down with the kids on the riot-torn estates of Paris, attracting the righteous ire of the Rottweiler Puppy for this fatuous remark.

It is undeniable that some of the lyrics of French rap songs - as in America - are shocking to the conservative-minded.

In Brigitte - Cop's Wife, Ministere A.M.E.R indulges in a pornographic fantasy which will not be to most tastes.

Unlike the 'conservative-minded', normal people love this sort of stuff. You can translate, or use Google to give you a flavour. I haven't translated a lot of 'Femme de Flic' but I'm not sure it's actually about rape - more about what I believe is known as a greedy girl, though the dividing line may be a little blurred. I'm pretty sure Guardian regulars like Julie Bindel and Bea Campbell would be shocked though.

I wondered when the French riots broke out if they had given Theodore Dalrymple any cause to reflect on his decision to leave England for France.

I should have known. The great man not only knew all about the 'cites' around Paris, but visited them and decribed them, as well as quoting the offending (to the conservative-minded only, of course) rap lyrics, for this 2002 City Journal piece.

There are burned-out and eviscerated carcasses of cars everywhere. Fire is now fashionable in the cit├ęs: in Les Tarterets, residents had torched and looted every store—with the exceptions of one government-subsidized supermarket and a pharmacy. The underground parking lot, charred and blackened by smoke like a vault in an urban hell, is permanently closed.

He also pointed out something that was new to me.

In 1994, their special forces boarded a hijacked aircraft that landed in Marseilles and killed the hijackers — an unusual step for the French, who have traditionally preferred to negotiate with, or give in to, terrorists. But they had intelligence suggesting that, after refueling, the hijackers planned to fly the plane into the Eiffel Tower. In this case, no negotiation was possible.

The story is here. 9/11 wasn't quite such a blue-sky operation after all.