Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hmmm ...

I think it's best to be honest about this sort of thing. Just because you feel you've been female all your life doesn't mean other people will accept your feelings as objective truth. A sad story.

Back in ancient days we used to occasionally attend drag nights at the Vauxhall Tavern, then trundle up the road to the (now defunct - I think) Elephant and Castle pub at Vauxhall Bridge, whose clientele of dodgy deviants made the Tavern seem a staid, conservative sort of place.

There was a pretty girl there who danced to the jukebox a lot, with a spectacular body, shown off by short skirts and tight tops. Her shoulders were just a tad on the broad side, so it wasn't a total surprise when she revealed that a fair bit of surgery had been involved in her transformation. In the Ladies she'd show the girls the results of the surgery and describe the op in (somewhat too) graphic detail. By the way they'd grope her, I never got the impression that the chaps in the pub were too fussed by her previous existence. But some people would be. And if, like the deceased in the link above, you haven't had the op, honesty is definitely the best policy. And it helps if your honesty takes place before you enter what Shakespeare called (and rightly so) 'the very lists of love'. If only Tess had fessed up before the wedding night !

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