Saturday, June 25, 2005

More Criminal Justice ...

Via Not Proud of Britain.

A man jailed for shooting and crippling a policeman who later died of a drugs overdose has been awarded £7,000 after his prison status review was delayed.
The European Court found the 22-month wait for a decision on his prisoner category caused "anxiety" to former Hell's Angel Stuart Blackstock, 50.

He shot Pc Philip Olds, paralysing him, during a raid on an off-licence in Hayes, west London, in 1980.

What was it Peter Hitchens said ? The criminal justice system now enforces 'the letter of a bureaucratic law rather then the spirit of an agreed and respected moral code'.


Jordan said...

Cool picture of zoroastrianism

Anonymous said...

I'm PC Olds' nephew and I think it's an absolute joke. I was left without an uncle and he gets year's of bed and breakfast at her majesty's pleasure and a £7,000 leaving present.
Now there's Justice