Friday, April 29, 2005

You have to admire ...

The utter foolishness and futility of this gesture.

A book of easy to prepare, healthy recipes aimed at homeless people has been launched in Oxford.
The Have a Heart Cookbook is aimed at those living in city shelters or alone on a tight budget.
The free book has been put together and funded by a network of community caterers and cooks across the city.
The recipes have been designed by a community dietician to ensure they are healthy and include ideas ranging from breakfasts to desserts.

I wonder what exactly a 'community caterer' is ? Would they be by any chance related to the people who have put the Turkey Twizzler in every school ?

But there was one item which would always have to be on the right-on menu. Forget the Special Brew lunch boys, get into some of that 'stir-fried tofu with black bean sauce' !

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