Tuesday, April 26, 2005

UK Religious Right ?

A few more stirrings in the undergrowth. Here's Peter Glover's blog.

Get yourself a blogspot account, Peter !

I like this, though.

"Veteran Labour backbencher Brian Sedgemore, having apparently come out of a persistent vegetative state, has had an epiphany. Realizing that over two years ago his Prime Minister must have told him a 'porky' he decided today to act upon that knowledge 'for the good of all'. Though he had kept this fact locked within him for some two years, unable, so it seems, to speak and alert anyone to the fact, he must have suffered grievously.

But now, having finally regained his physical capacities, after such an extended period being comatose, Mr Sedgemore has put an end to his own mental suffering on the issue - choosing to join the Liberal Democrats. RIP."

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