Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Light Blogging ...

Because for some reason my connection's running like a dog this am and connections are slow. So you'll have to go to Mirabilis to find out about more Chinese mummies as well as Roman lead mines , to the Pooter of Geek for a touching love story, or Eric for a link to a pathetic Muriel Gray article which happily confirms all my prejudices about her.

"Feeling abused and targeted by a suspicious white community, fuelled on Daily Mail and Michael Howard’s hatred, and then bullied and intimidated by fundamentalist thugs from their own religion, I simply can’t see any clear path for them (young British Muslims) that leads into joyous, untroubled, life-affirming adult enlightenment."

For 'joyous, untroubled, life-affirming adult enlightenment' read 'being someone like me'.

And the Pub Philosopher reports more police action against the BNP. I can't comment on the video as the BNP site appears to be offline, but I've pointed out before the long-term futility of such action, quite apart from it being wrong in itself.

Last, another tale from the land of 'I may disagree with what you say, and I will try to stop you saying it'.

Kirklees Council chiefs cancelled an on-line St George's Day discussion for being too `offensive'.

Communications bosses slapped a gag on an internal council chatroom after five complaints over the "tone and content" of contributions.

The chatroom, which council staff have access to from work computers during breaks, became heated after a community cohesion worker asked about the relevance and importance of St George's Day.

One reply from a worker whose father immigrated to England in the 1950s and said he wanted to throw his passport in the skip, led to a flurry of responses both for and against with one poster even writing: "I am Asian but I love England it's my home and it will always be my first choice no matter what."

Mirfield councillor Martyn Bolt has questioned the decision to gag people who wanted to talk about St George's Day and the English national identity.

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