Monday, October 04, 2004

Random Jottings ...

The Government is to follow the criminalisation of foxhunting with the decriminalisation of stealing, Bob Geldof calls for the return of the two parent family and those happy days when a man could come home from work and find his wife ready on the table, Mount St. Helens is erupting. As is this bloke.

There is a new class strata system with 3 levels of working class - those that have crap jobs but graft to get a decent place and might have bad table manners but wouldn't think of p*****g it up in the daytime , then there are the working scum who are orrible with loads of kids scuzzy demeanour but go out and work all week in quickfit and scumerfield then get bombed on the weekend but still pay taxes, then there is the uberchav of hartcliffe or st georges or knowle west, who have got the system licked - get at least 3 kids - that's 5 incomes - start selling drugs from a council house, and arm yourself.

And a couple of little urban vignettes from today's Gloucester Citizen.

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