Tuesday, October 05, 2004

One In One Out

Welcome aboard the links to EU Serf, who posts mainly (surprise) about the EU and all its dark Satanic works.

Sample on Mandelson, who joins Chris Patten and Neil Kinnock on the gravy train shortly.

"He was visibly put on the spot when an MEP asked where his chief allegiance now lies: to Blair, to the European Commission, or to the EU assembly to whom he has to regularly account".

They obviously don't know our Peter, whose only loyalty is to himself.

EU said it.

And a sad farewell to Assistant Brighton. I was never sure why a young gay musician who hates George Bush, Christians, and the Daily Mail was linking to me, but I need all the links I can get - and I was a young gay musician myself once. Played the fool. Obviously he must now have actually read my posts and realised items about Goth and the late Christa Paffgen are few and far between.

UPDATE - an outraged Jonathan points out that he in fact bowls over the wicket and accuses me of being "mean". I must admit I'm shocked to discover there are still some straight men in Brighton, but I'm happy to put the record straight - le mot juste.

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