Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More Urban Nightmares

You may remember a post some weeks ago about an idealistic liberal couple who moved to a North London council estate.

More liberal angst here.

They chased them and robbed three of them of their bikes. My son was punched in the eye while a friend was kicked in the head. Not one adult came to help, even though the park was busy.

The police took statements from the boys and seemed to know the gang involved, but we heard nothing more from them.

When I went with my son to the local police station to look at photographs of suspects the police officer told us that only a tiny fraction of attackers were ever convicted because of the difficulties of getting conclusive evidence. He added that there were just too many attacks in the area.

And a familiar refrain comes from Professor David Canter, the guy who recommends cooperating with any burglars you find in your home.

Hide your school uniform. No short cuts. Hand over what they want without resistance. Don't cross estates. Carry a personal alarm.

The walk home from school. London, England in 2004.

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