Friday, February 13, 2004

Left Wing Play At National Theatre Shock

Stephen Pollard on the latest in leftie luvviedom as David Pinter - or is it Harold Loach ? Ken Hare ? clamps his gums once more onto the state-funded nipple.

Meanwhile champion clamper AL Kennedy appears to have undergone an operation. She could have let the anaesthetic wear off before putting digit to keyboard. I think the point of this somewhat disjointed piece (the writing, not the author) is that excessive consumption fuels the evils of imperialism. But I could be wrong.

And two takes on immigration. Most of the left has long accepted that large-scale immigration from poorer countries suited capitalists, but judged the effect on British culture to be worth the price. Polly Toynbee's only just noticed.

"The real reason why we should fear immigration. Labour is using foreign workers to deny everyone a living wage." Uh ? This is the Guardian, isn't it ? Polly ? Are you there ? Wake up, Polly ! Gosh - it was all a dream .... wasn't it ?

The Scotsman draws the obvious (liberal) conclusion from the Morecambe tragedy - as we can't stop illegal immigration, why not put our hands up and legalise it ? After all, Scots politicians have been talking about immigration as a solution to the lack of Scots babies.

I'll believe it when I see it. It must be such fun to be a Scots liberal - abusing the English racists safe in the knowledge that hardly any immigrants or asylum-seekers will end up north of the border. After all, they don't even like English immigrants.

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