Sunday, January 04, 2004

At It Again

Aaronovitch started his Indie columns writing about politics, but since his move to the Grauniad sex seems to be occupying him more. Today the Great Masturbator is joining Dot Comrade at Hari's Place in calling for a "regulated sex industry, with brothels and massage parlours subject to council inspection." Applicants for the post please start queueing now. Those rejected may re-apply for the Gender Recognition Panel.

He must be a bit tired after New Year to end like this.

"Finally, I want to anticipate an inevitable rhetorical objection to this line of argument. It is the one that says: 'That's all very well, but what would you say if a legal brothel opened next door, or if your daughter became a prostitute? Where would your liberalism be then?'

To which the liberal can answer with her own questions. 'How far away do you think the brothels are now? And what kind of prostitute would you rather your husband visited?'

Sorry David, but most of us don't live in London. My nearest brothel is a good six miles away. And the last question implies that the husband in question is already frequenting brothels - not a good response to a 'what-if' question ?

Anyway, Aaro - if you really want to know who a woman might want her husband to play away with, I believe this sort of thing is popular with some couples, and is available as an anniversary or birthday gift if your darling is so inclined. Certainly a change from a romantic trip to Paris or Florence - but at about the same price.